We Missed our Daddy!

A HUGE part of our decision-making process for living a traveling lifestyle was to have MORE family time. Relying on each other and being together more, was at the top our list of things we wanted to come out of our new lifestyle. Well, when Tony’s work asked him to travel to Austin, TX for a week in September, we knew that week would be a challenging one for all of us, as we would be apart for the week.

But we were ready! 

What could really go wrong?? Well, I’ve made a list of our ‘adventures’ of the week without Daddy to let you all in on our experience 😉 

  1. Jasmine threw up in the middle of my first night alone with the kids! (She was fine by noon the next day)
  2. Our first full day without daddy required us to stay inside our RV all day while Jasmine recovered, so she wouldn’t get any of the other campground kids sick. So no pool or playground for us. 
  3. We drove 90 minutes to The Tech Museum and Jasmine peed on me and all over the sidewalk on our 3 block walk from the parking garage into the museum. I had no change of clothes for her and Lilya was about to pee her pants so we couldn’t go back to the van, we had to find a bathroom for her. So we finished walking to the museum and I brainstormed quick….I bought a $27 t-shirt in my size from their gift shop and used it as a dress with my belt for Jasmine. She also needed to borrow undies from her sister!! Then we decided to stay and see the museum since we had gone all that way and the kids were really looking forward to it! Needless to say, we had a few looks but nobody said anything. (Oh, and I also lost my parking ticket, but later found it under the center console of the van)
  4. The first 2 nights the girls cried before bed because they missed their daddy so much. I was NOT prepared for that! Our kids haven’t cried like that for anything that I can remember. I think it goes to show how much closer our children have grown to their dad now that he is with us all the time and doesn’t go away to work every day. 
  5. Our first night alone without Tony, both Riley and Lilya’s bike tires got flats because of all the sharp thorns all over our campground. No bike riding was going to happen this week. 🙁
  6. The second day we were without Dad, the bike trailer (we use as a jogging stroller) got a flat from the same thorns. So I could no longer run while Dad was gone because the kids aren’t old enough to be left alone and they couldn’t come with me on their bikes or in the bike trailer now…
  7. The Friday morning we woke up knowing that we were going to pick Tony up from the airport by dinnertime, Jasmine got hurt. She found a Q-tip and shoved it into her ear and caused it to bleed! The screaming that occurred for a while afterward told me just how much she hurt herself! It later was fine and all is good…but whew! 

I’m working hard at trying to keep things in perspective and finding the positive in every situation. 

Did our RV get a leak or breakdown? no.

Did someone need to go to the emergency room at all? no. 

Did we experience a hurricane or fire like so many others in our nation this month? no.

Did we get robbed or feel unsafe in any way? no. 

We managed to do pretty well! We ate well, kept up with cleaning and learning and even met some other full-time kids at our campground and played a few days!

We also enjoyed the pool, playground, game room, miniature golf and scootering around at the campground this week during many sunny days! (and the sunshine sure makes a difference in my moods!)

Do we want Tony to travel away from us more often? No, we really don’t. We hope that he won’t have to travel much more without us. If anything, we’d prefer to go with him next time! We’ll see how that works out though, that may be wishful thinking on my part 😉 

His next work trip is only 1 week away. He’ll be flying to Paris, France without us. Yet we are excited because Grandma Sandy is coming to stay with the kids and me for the entire week that Tony is gone!

I have a feeling this next time around it will go much more smoothly! 

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