Southern California and Grandma Sandy!!

Our time in the Pismo and Avila beach area ended as we drove down through Los Angeles to make it to our next campground southeast of LA. We wanted get set up before we had to drive Tony to LAX to fly to Paris, France for his second work-trip of the month. We arrived at a Walmart to boondock by nightfall Friday night so that we could then arrive at 9 am to our campground in Menifee, CA called Wilderness Lakes RV Resort

It worked out well! This allowed us a few hours Saturday morning to make sure we were all set up and ready to be without Tony for a week again. However, this time we were going to be going to be joined by my mom, Granda Sandy!!

The kids were SO excited to see Grandma that they began to make an early lunch for us all to share so that we could leave earlier than we planned to pick her up!! She flew in a few hours before Tony needed to fly out. Grandma sure was thrilled to see us early! 

We dropped Daddy off at the airport a few extra hours early, as this was his first international flight and we didn’t want to chance any issues. Then we took Grandma back to our campground with us to stay for 7 days! 

The drive to and from LA was almost 2 hours each way….as there was always traffic. But that gave my mom and I time to catch up. 🙂 One thing that scared my mom was a number of motorcycles passing us on the dotted line….it’s a thing in LA. Even the police drive their motorcycles between cars on the dotted line! Crazy!

The week Grandma stayed with us we made a lot of memories at the campground doing things such as swimming in the pool and hot tub, riding the train, playing some miniature golf, playing at the playground and feeding the ducks. 

Grandma was able to be with the kids and I on Lilya’s 7th birthday. As much as Lilya was sad that her Dad had to be in Paris on her actual birthday, she was pretty excited to have Grandma with us visiting! We even sang happy birthday and had her blow out her candle in her brat! 🙂 

Lilya opened gifts from Grandma and enjoyed all the balloons and streamers that Grandma helped put up too. 

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My mom really wanted to spend a day at the beach. So we took a day to drive to Coronado island and beach in the San Diego area. It was a gorgeous day and beautiful beach with close free parking and nice bathrooms. Bonus!

The kids loved running into the water, chasing the seagulls, and making sand castles. Grandma made many comments about how nice the weather was, as there was no humidity and the sun was always shinning. Southern California really does have amazing weather!

As a final fun time with Grandma, we all went to the San Diego Zoo later in the week.

We made some amazing memories at the zoo!

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We enjoyed seeing some unique animals such as the koalas, panda bears, elephants, and sloths.

It was neat being able to take the double-decker tour bus around so we could avoid having to climb the huge hills, yet were able to get some amazing views into the animal’s cages!

Overall, we had a fantastic time with Grandma Sandy visiting and already looking forward to the next time!! 

It was planned out that the kids and I would drop Grandma off at LAX the same day that we would pick Daddy up. However, we had 6 hours to keep busy so off we went to a museum! I chose the California Science Center, as it is a free museum to everyone and it has the Shuttle Endeavour! 

As a homeschooling mama, I really enjoy taking the kids to museums all over the country. As a traveling family, this is one area I absolutely love. They really open up and thrive in the museums we have been to so far. We spend hours upon hours exploring and learning together, while they also play with other kiddos and ask so many questions. 

It is homeschooling, worldschooling, roadschooling at its best!! 

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Later that day I took the kids to LAX and decided to park in the temporary parking and walk into the international terminal baggage claim. I did this for a few reasons. First, the kids really wanted to be able to get out of the van and hug their Daddy once we saw him. Second, the kids had never been inside of an airport and I thought this might be a good opportunity for them to experience what it was like. Lastly, I didn’t know how long it would take Tony to get through customs and get to us after his international flight from Paris. 

We made it inside with enough time to find him walking down the terminal to us. It was one of those Hollywood moments when the kids go screaming and running to their Daddy and he picks them each up with big smiles on everyone’s face. He was only gone for 7 days, but they really do love having their Dad home with us all the time. 🙂 

Coming up next, Disneyland!!! 


  1. Great writing honey and awesome pics! Can’t wait to visit again. Love you all!😘

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  3. Love the new look of the blog.

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