Last days in the Sticks and Bricks!

Living our last days in our 5 bedroom home in the Twin Cities and getting ready to move into our new 32-foot Motorhome!!

So, you know when you are planning to move and you have to buy a lot of boxes and begin packing early? Well, we are moving, but we have no place to PUT any boxes… we need to sell or donate anything that will not fit into a  32 foot RV! We have been selling, donating, recycling or throwing away so-many-things! Here are some updated pictures of what the inside of our house currently looks like after the garage sale, many trips to Goodwill and several sales on craigslist: 

Some of you may be wondering how the kiddos are doing with all this change. Well to answer your question, I’d like to say they are doing exceptionally well! They are excited about the adventure of living in an RV and are ready to help out with all the preparations!

Jasmine and Lilya helping me organize my once doula bag into a VIPKID bag. Notice our temporary kitchen table and chair 😉 ??

I have allowed them to decide what clothes and toys they want to give away and which to keep. A few weeks ago Gwen asked if we could keep several board games so we did, yet a few days ago she was happy to give away more of the games….so then we did! It’s all about working at their pace when it comes to giving their things away, and it’s been working great!

A few weeks ago Lilya had 2 bins of clothes that she wanted to keep, so I allowed her to keep them knowing that we’d go through the clothes again as it got closer to moving into the RV. Just this week we went through her clothes again and the girls were excited to learn how to ‘roll’ their clothes so that they could fit more into their drawer organizers in the RV. Needless to say, both Gwen and Lilya gave away a lot more clothes this week that they realized they didn’t want or need!

 I have noticed the kids thriving in an environment with fewer options of toys to play with! They honestly play with sticks and dirt and grass and bowls outside. 🙂 Inside, they use the smaller selection of toys and make use of what they have without any complaints at all! For example, when the Living Room was picked up they took out the large floor puzzle of the USA to complete. 

Or, when their bedroom was fairly empty after taking down the bunk beds, they worked as a team to bring all the blankets, couch cushions, and pillows they could find into the room to build a huge pile to jump in! (After they tired themselves out, they used this pile to relax on while reading)

Using their imagination and teamwork, they are finding all sorts of fun ways to play while we are inside. However, with all this change, in addition to the really nice weather this week, we have been playing outside much more! Which is one of our goals! With less ‘stuff’ to pick up each day after breakfast and playtime, we have WAY more time to get outside and play together!

Tony and I have also consciously taken the time to plan some family outings, visits with Grandparents and playdates with family friends. We have been trying our best to find the right balance between ‘getting things done’ around the house and spending some quality time making memories as a family. 

We are confident that we will be spending more quality time together as a family with our new lifestyle change. We are looking forward to making more memories like this! 🙂 


  1. Why were the police at your house? ( pic with Jill and Jazzy) or were you some place else? I want to add that I have been with the kiddos recently and they don’t seem one bit confused or anxious about all the change. Still happy and feeling loved. As a grandparent I would sense the difference and I haven’t felt it at all! Xxoo

    • Jill Greising-Murschel

      The police stopped by the neighbor’s house when they were mowing the lawn as someone tripped their security alarm. The kids all got stickers from the police department! 🙂 The kiddos are pretty happy thanks, Mom. I hope I wasn’t implying that someone might think otherwise, I was just updating everyone on what life is like right now!

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