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How to Earn Money Online to support Travel?

Do you want to make money online? Maybe you want to travel full time, take more vacations, pay off your debt, quit your day job to stay home with the kiddos, or just want a little extra cash.

Many people have asked how we are able to afford to travel full-time while raising and homeschooling our 4 children. Well, I’m here to tell you how we make money online. 

I teach English as a second language workings as an independent contractor for an amazing company based out of China called VIPKID.  Click here to find out more.

Teaching English as a Second Language Online

VIPKID provides 1-on-1 online full immersion language education to children in China in the comforts of their own homes. Qualified teachers, such as myself, work in a virtual classroom to connect with the highly curious and ready-to-learn children in China. 

In short, I am making money online teaching English as a second language to children in China via webcam using my Macbook!! 

Teaching English Online with VIPKID

It is SO perfect for our family!

I am able to work early morning hours while my husband and the kiddos are still asleep. This alleviates the need for a babysitter. Working online also allows our family the flexibility to travel when we want. Bonus! 

How much can you Earn Teaching English Online? 

You can earn $14-$22 per hour teaching with VIPKID. Find out more here!

I have earned over $500 per month by working only a few mornings a week as a way to make extra money while we travel. I choose my own hours, set my schedule and decide what is right for me and my family.

Many other teachers at VIPKID have quit their day jobs and work 40 or more hours with VIPKID! The opportunities are there for you once you begin teaching!

Work From Home with VIPKID

I am able to bring in about $19 per hour and pick my own hours! I love making the connections that I am making with some of my regular students each week online. It is such a rewarding job and I’m able to do it with my MacBook and a set of headphones! 

VIPKID is Hiring Teachers – Earn Money Online Now!

VIPKID is currently hiring more teachers, as they continue to grow.

  • Do you have a 4-year degree in something? Anything?
  • Do you have experience with children such as teaching, homeschooling, coaching or babysitting? Or even better, but not required previous teaching?!! 
  • Do you have a North American accent?

If so, click here to apply to VIPKID today!!  

This is such a great opportunity for anyone looking to earn a little extra money or work up to fulltime hours!

If you want to travel, live a digital nomad life, or would like to work toward paying off debt with some extra income, then VIPKID might be the right fit for you. 

See it to Believe it?

If you are at all like me, I think you’ll appreciate a visual. The ability to ‘meet’ a student and see what this Online Teaching is all about. So here is a quick video of children learning with VIPKID.

Click here to watch the VIPKID video.

As you can see, the online platform is very inviting and simple to teach with. 

If you are interested, I am more than happy to answer any questions you might have. Comment on this page and I’ll be happy to answer. Once you apply using my link, I’ll be sure to connect with you via e-mail to help you through the interview and training process!

It’s that easy!

Working Remotely as a Digital Nomad

Some may wonder what my other half does to bring in some income. 

Tony was hired on by an amazing company doing IT work that is based out of Paris, France, to work full-time remotely. Actually, everyone in the company works remotely. Many people would label him a ‘Digital Nomad’.

Digital Nomad Dad Working Online while Traveling

He is really enjoying how much he continues to learn in the IT field and has had the opportunity to travel to Austin, TX and Paris, France for business recently.

Traveling to Paris opened Tony’s eyes even more to continued family travel. We are looking forward to someday visiting Paris as a family!

Check out our post here detailing our week without him as he traveled to Austin, TX. We Missed our Daddy!


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