Grand Canyon and Four Corners – We were in 4 states at once!

Our visit to the Grand Canyon was short but memorable. It was HUGE….I mean really huge! I really want to take some time in our future travel to plan a longer visit and to be sure to get in some future hikes. I think our best find during this portion of our travel was an amazing boondocking spot. It was only 1/2 mile outside of the main town and only 2 miles from the entrance to Grand Canyon National Park. Our campsite was wooded, private, yet there was room for a few other RV’s next to us if we were able to meet up with friends here. The cell service was fantastic for those that work full-time while traveling like we do, and the roads were level enough to be a good place for all types of RVs to travel up in order to find the best boondocking spot ever! 😉 

In case you are interested in the GPS coordinates of the boondocking spot: N 35,96821º, W 112.12428º

Okay, I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself here. 

Once we said goodbye to our friends in Moab, Utah we decided to drive only a few hours to find an RV park with full hookups to stay for the night. That way we could finally all shower!! We also didn’t want to drive in the dark, and we are realizing that fall is upon us with shorter days….even if we are living in an area of the country where it stays warm. 

We managed a great night of showering to then find a small puddle of water on the ground in our kitchen. 

Well, we took everything out…vacuumed and looked closely and couldn’t figure out what caused the puddle. There will be a future visit to Jayco, however, we couldn’t get in right away and we haven’t seen the leak come back yet. 

That Saturday morning we woke up and decided to take an hour detour to stop at Four Corners! You see, before we decided to purchase an RV and travel full-time, we were planning a road trip to Texas, Arizona, and Colorado. Four Corners was on our list as the kids thought it would be awesome to stand in 4 states at once. Since that initial planning stage turned into selling most of our belongings and buying our RV to travel fulltime, we felt that we just HAD to make a stop at Four Corners.  

Before we visited Four Corner’s, this was what our sticker-state-map looked like. 

Then we filled it in! I cannot believe that from May 2017-October 2017 we have traveled to 18 states!!! 

We left Four Corners to travel to the East entrance of the South Rim, or Desert View. We stopped for our first look at the Grand Canyon. It was absolutely breathtaking. 

We enjoyed walking up to the top of the Watchtower and seeing all the American Indian art on the walls. The kids were also able to pick up their Junior Ranger booklets at the Watchtower. 

Then we decided to drive until we found our boondocking spot for the night. As I mentioned before, it was an awesome spot to camp! 

That afternoon we decided to drive to the main Visitor Center to watch the video and learn a little bit more about the Grand Canyon. However, once we arrived we found out that it was already closed and the sun was setting. So we took a quick walk/hike to Mather Point to get a glimpse of the sun setting. Luckily we remembered to bring jackets…it was cold! 

On our walk back to the van, we came across an Elk…..only 15 feet in front of us! 

The kids really got a kick out of being so close to the small Elk. It made for a happier transition back to the RV after the disappointment of the Visitor Center being closed. 

The following morning we made the quick drive back to the now OPEN visitor center and the kids were excited to watch the film. Then they all completed their Junior Ranger booklets and received their badges. 

This quick visit to the Grand Canyon was like a small taste of what we could see and do there. The kids had a cold and I was just coming off my cold, so none of us were motivated to hike. However, now we know that we definitely want to go back with a week or two planned to stay and really experience what it has to offer!

We only stayed one night at the Grand Canyon, as our goal was to spend some time in the Phoenix area at an RV park with amazing amenities and full hookups. We were also looking forward to meeting up with Tony’s cousin Jenna, and last minute decided to have Tony’s mom Maureen fly out to spend her Birthday week with us!! How exciting! 


  1. Axel and I just love the pictures!! Especially where Riley has one limb in each state LOL!!

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