Almost Everything Did Go!

I wanted to open with big thanks to everyone that stopped at our ‘Traveling’ sale!

Meeting a ton of new people and getting a very positive reaction to our new way of life was very encouraging. Old people, young people, single people, married couples, new parents, old parents, all kinds of people were able to share their tips and suggestions as we are about to embark on a life-changing journey. Again, thank you!

The most asked question, from my experience, was, “Where are you going to first?”

When that question first came up I was taken aback as we did not have a definite must-see first stop. While we are going to Texas in mid-May for my niece’s graduation we did not have any plans after that so far. But the more the question was asked, the easier it became to answer.

It first started off being answered with, “We’re going to the Northwest of the US”. Then it was refined to, “The rainforest in Washington State”. From there I got more specific with, “Olympic National Park” and then eventually “Hoh National Forest”.

Looks like Return! Amirite?!

For those of you unaware, North America is actually home to quite a few rainforests. Now, our rainforests are a bit different from tropical rainforests because we don’t have any poisonous tree frogs or sloths (darn!).  Actually, a few of the big differences with Temperate Rainforests are fewer tree species, fewer epiphytes–think ferns, moss, etc–but the much longer lifespan of trees, some upwards of 1,000 years!

Day 1 of our Sale

The sale went great, the weather I received from HAARP went off without a hitch, and we had people lined up in the street at 7:30 on Friday morning while we were still setting everything up in the driveway.

The first 4 hours of the sale just flew by in a flurry of sales, questions, offers and helping people load their new purchases in bags and in their vehicles if needed.

The kids were a huge help too! They really enjoyed being able to take money, give change and had even set up a snack station with chips and soda for the shoppers.

Close to noon, there was finally a break in the action and a chance to catch our breaths. It was funny because we would get a 5-minute lull and I thought the shoppers would soon die out but then 3-4 cars at a time would pull up, gather their purchases, and be on their way again.

By the end of the day at 5 pm, we were finally able to bring everything in from the driveway and hurriedly close the garage door. Day one: complete.

Day 2 of our Sale

Day two started off much differently since I was teaching online until 7:30 am that morning.  Luckily my Mom was able to stop over and help me get set up.

It was a slower start to the day, with the first single car arriving at 8:30 that morning. Saturday overall was much different since it was a steady stream of people instead of mobs rolling in and out of the sale.

By 2 pm we ended up putting out a sign for “50% off everything” because it had been a while since our last customer. But that did not stop the shoppers. Up until almost 4 pm, and even a little bit after, we still had people stopping in to take a look at one item or take advantage of the half-off offer.

Finally at 4:30 pm I was able to bring everything into the garage and close it out. The sale was a success!

Thank You!

A big thanks to all who stopped out to find some deals and help us downsize and begin our journey. We really appreciate it!

At the same time, we had a few people stop in who were shopping for specific items since they were helping out less fortunate people obtain their first place. That part of it, helping others, was probably the best part of the sale.

Knowing that our belongings that we have become accustomed to, and even frustrated with at times, will be seen as a treasure to those who do not have much of anything was probably the most unexpected result.

Helping others and truly being able to gain empathy and pass that along to our children is one of the goals we hope to accomplish on this new journey of ours.

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